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Training a Puppy


The Mannered Pup Training Course

The Mannered Pup Training Course covers the 5 principals to raising the perfectly mannered pup. Due to the rigorousness of this 6 week program we only accept 6 pups at a time, & space is extremely limited. Prior to training you will receive a Mannered Pup Starter Kit. Pet Parents must be prepared to complete homework with their furbaby. During Week 3 this will become a group course. 

Core Values 

Potty Training






Total.......... $1200

Deposit......... $600

Specialized Training Courses

In order to participate in our Specialized Training Courses, your pup has to successfully complete The Mannered Pup Training Course. The Specialized Training Courses are strictly to master skills already developed in The Mannered Pup Training Course. 


No More Oops | 3 Weeks | $200

No More Nips | 4 Weeks | $500

Socialize Me | 6 Weeks | $700

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